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How To Cancel Call Barring On Vodacom?

Quick Summary

To cancel call barring on Vodacom, dial *330*000# from your Vodacom mobile phone, enter the default password (0000), select the type of call barring to cancel, and confirm the selection. Canceling call barring will not affect other Vodacom services, and if you want to block incoming calls but still receive SMS while traveling, you can activate SMS Roamer or contact Vodacom customer service for assistance. Additionally, if you have a Vodacom data-only SIM and want to enable call barring, you can try using a provided link or reach out to Vodacom customer service.


Call barring is a feature provided by Vodacom that allows users to restrict certain types of calls on their mobile phones. This can be useful in situations where you want to block incoming or outgoing calls for various reasons, such as avoiding unwanted interruptions or managing costs while traveling.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of canceling call barring on Vodacom. Whether you need to disable all call barring settings or specific ones, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions and additional information about related topics.

So if you’re ready to regain full control over your phone’s calling capabilities, let’s dive into how to cancel call barring on Vodacom!

Call Barring on Vodacom

Call barring is a feature provided by Vodacom that allows you to restrict certain types of calls on your mobile phone. It gives you control over incoming and outgoing calls, allowing you to block specific numbers or all calls altogether.

With call barring enabled, you can prevent unwanted callers from reaching your device. This feature is particularly useful in situations where you want to limit communication for privacy reasons or avoid disturbances during important meetings or events.

Types of Call Barring on Vodacom

Vodacom offers different types of call barring options, including:

  1. Outgoing Call Barring: With this option activated, your mobile phone will be restricted from making any outgoing calls.
  2. Incoming Call Barring: Enabling this setting blocks all incoming voice calls on your Vodacom number.
  3. International Roaming Call Barring: When traveling abroad with international roaming services active, activating this type of call barring prevents both incoming and outgoing international voice calling while still allowing other local network services like SMS and data usage.

It’s essential to note that enabling call barring may require a password set up beforehand (default password being 0000). Additionally, canceling the service might also necessitate entering the same password for security purposes.

By understanding what call barring entails on Vodacom networks and how it works across various scenarios mentioned above; users can make informed decisions about utilizing these features based on their individual needs and preferences.

How to cancel call barring on Vodacom

Call barring allows you to restrict certain types of calls from being made or received on your Vodacom mobile phone. If you no longer wish to have any call restrictions in place, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Dial *330*000# from your Vodacom mobile phone.

This USSD code will initiate the process of cancelling call barring.

Step 2: Enter the call barring password (default is 0000).

You may be prompted to enter a password for security purposes. The default password for most Vodacom users is usually set as “0000”. However, if you have previously changed it and cannot remember the new one, please refer to our FAQ section below for assistance.

Step 3: Select the type of call barring option that you want to cancel.

Once inside the menu system after entering your password correctly, there should be an option available allowing you to select which specific type(s) of call barrings need cancellation. For example:

  • Option 1 cancels all forms of Call Barring
  • Option 2 cancels specific types such as outgoing international calls or incoming premium rate numbers

Step 4: Pressing ‘call’ button confirms selection

After selecting desired options press ‘call’ button this would confirm changes.

By following these four easy steps outlined above, you can successfully cancel any active form(s) of Call Barring currently enabled on your Vodafone device. It’s important to note that once cancelled, this action does not affect other services provided by Vodacom like voicemail or forwarding features. If at any time during this process, you encounter difficulties or require further clarification regarding how best to proceed with disabling a particular service feature, kindly reach out to the customer support team who are always ready to assist their valued customers.

What happens when you cancel call barring on Vodacom?

When you cancel call barring on your Vodacom mobile phone, it means that any restrictions placed on outgoing or incoming calls will be lifted. This allows you to make and receive calls freely without any limitations.

Canceling call barring does not affect other services or features provided by Vodacom, such as voicemail or call forwarding. These functions will continue to work normally even after the cancellation of call barring.

It is important to note that canceling all types of call barring may result in increased usage charges if international roaming is enabled. Therefore, it’s advisable to check your tariff plan and ensure that appropriate measures are taken while traveling internationally.

If at any point you encounter difficulties with cancelling the specific type of call baring or have further questions regarding this process, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance from Vodacom customer service team who can provide guidance tailored specifically for your situation.

How to block incoming calls but still receive SMS on Vodacom

Option 1: Activate SMS Roamer from Vodacom

If you want to block incoming calls but still receive SMS messages while traveling, one option is to activate the SMS Roamer feature provided by Vodacom. This allows you to stay in touch via text messages only and helps save on data and voice roaming costs.

To activate the SMS Roamer feature, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *135# from your Vodacom mobile phone.
  2. Select “Roaming” or a similar option from the menu that appears.
  3. Look for an option related to activating international services or roaming features.
  4. Locate and select “SMS Only” or a similar setting within this section.
  5. Follow any additional prompts or instructions provided by the system.

Once activated, your device will be set up so that it can send and receive text messages while blocking all incoming voice calls during your travels abroad.

Option 2: Contact Vodacom customer service for assistance

If you are experiencing difficulties with call barring settings on your device or if Option 1 does not meet your requirements, contacting Vodacom’s customer service team may provide further guidance and support tailored specifically to your situation.

You can reach out through various channels such as email, telephone helpline numbers (which can typically be found on their official website), social media platforms like Twitter (@VodafoneZA) where they have dedicated support accounts ready assist customers promptly with their queries regarding call barring options available at present timeframes based upon network updates etc., ensuring optimal user experience throughout usage periods without interruption caused due technical glitches encountered along way when trying enable/disable certain functionalities associated directly linked towards specific SIM cards being used under respective networks operated across South Africa region including other countries covered too!

Remember that each individual case may vary depending on factors such as location coverage availability of different plans offered by Vodacom, so it’s always best to contact their customer service team for personalized assistance.

By following these steps or reaching out to Vodacom’s customer service, you can effectively block incoming calls while still receiving SMS messages on your Vodacom mobile phone. This allows you to stay connected and in touch with important information even when voice communication is not desired or feasible.

How to enable call barring on a Vodacom data SIM

If you have a Vodacom data-only SIM in your phone and want to block calls on that specific SIM, there are a few options available. Here’s what you can do:

Option 1: Try using the link provided

One option is to try using the following link: https://networkbees.com/how-to-activate-call-barring-on-vodacom-south-africa/. This website provides instructions on how to activate call barring specifically for Vodacom South Africa. Follow the steps outlined in their guide and see if it helps you enable call barring successfully.

Option 2: Contact Vodacom customer service for assistance

If Option 1 doesn’t work or if you prefer direct support from Vodafone, contacting their customer service team would be your best bet. They will be able to provide guidance tailored specifically to your situation and help walk you through enabling call barring on your particular device with a data-only SIM card.

To reach out for assistance, visit the official Vodafone website (www.vodafone.co.za) where they should have contact information listed such as email addresses or helpline numbers dedicated solely towards addressing customer queries related to services like activating/deactivating features including but not limited only restricted calling capabilities via blocking incoming/outgoing voice communication channels while still allowing other forms of digital messaging transmission protocols over cellular networks without any restrictions imposed upon them whatsoever by default settings pre-configured into devices themselves at manufacturing stage prior distribution thereof among end-users globally irrespective geographical location within coverage area served under contractual agreement signed between parties involved during purchase transaction process conducted either online/offline mode depending availability preferred method chosen individual consumer preference level comfortability convenience factor taken consideration time frame required completion task hand which may vary case basis due factors beyond control such as network congestion, technical glitches etc.

Remember to provide them with all the necessary details about your device and SIM card so that they can assist you more effectively. They should be able to guide you through the process of enabling call barring on your Vodacom data-only SIM and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding this feature.

By following either Option 1 or contacting Vodafone customer service for assistance, you will be well on your way to successfully enable call barring on a Vodacom data SIM according to your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel call barring on Vodacom without a password?

No, you cannot cancel call barring on Vodacom without a password. The default call barring password for Vodacom is 0000. If you have changed the password and forgotten it, you will need to contact Vodacom customer service for assistance.

Will canceling call barring affect other Vodacom services?

No, cancelling call barring will not affect other Vodacom services or features on your mobile phone such as voicemail or call forwarding. It only disables the specific restrictions set by the call barring feature.

How do I contact Vodacom customer service for assistance?

To get in touch with Vodacom customer service for assistance, you can:

  • Call their customer service hotline at [insert phone number]
  • Visit a Vodacom store near you
  • Send an email to [insert email address]
  • Reach out to them on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter


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