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How To Check Voicemail On Vodacom?

Quick Summary

To check voicemail on Vodacom, you have two options: through your phone or the MyVoda app. By dialing *101# and following the prompts, you can access your voicemail and manage messages. Alternatively, you can use the MyVoda app to log in, select the “Voicemail” option, and listen to and manage your voicemails. Additionally, Vodacom offers a Voicemail 2 SMS service that converts voice messages into SMS messages, providing convenience and affordability. If you encounter any issues accessing voicemail from abroad, suggestions include canceling diverts, enabling VoWiFi, and contacting Vodacom for assistance.


Welcome to Answerly, your go-to source for answering common questions. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to check voicemail on Vodacom. Whether you prefer using your phone or the MyVoda app, we have got you covered.

Voicemail is a convenient feature that allows callers to leave messages when you are unable to answer their calls. Checking these messages ensures that important information doesn’t slip through the cracks and helps keep communication flowing smoothly.

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions for checking voicemail through both methods offered by Vodacom – directly from your phone and via the MyVoda app. Additionally, if you’re interested in an alternative way of accessing voicemails as SMS messages with Voicemail 2 SMS service or troubleshooting issues while abroad, stay tuned!

Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide on how to check voicemail on Vodacom!

How to Check Voicemail on Vodacom

Method 1: Checking Voicemail through Your Phone

To check your voicemail on Vodacom using your phone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Dial *101# and press ‘Call’ or ‘Send’

Start by dialing *101# from your cell phone’s keypad. Press the ‘Call’ or ‘Send’ button to initiate the call.

Step 2: Navigate to the main menu of Voicemail

Once you have dialed the number, you will be taken directly to the main menu of Voicemail.

Step 3: Press ‘5’ for messages

From the main menu options, press “5” on your keypad. This option is specifically for accessing and managing messages in your mailbox.

Step 4: Enter Your PIN Number

You will then be prompted to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with your voicemail account. Enter it carefully using numeric keys when prompted.

Step 5: Listen To New Messages And Manage Them

After entering the correct PIN, you can now listen to any new voice messages left in your mailbox. Follow the instructions provided by the automated system, such as saving or deleting them.

Method 2: Checking Voicemail Through MyVoda App

If you prefer checking voicemails through an app rather than calling from your phone, you can use the MyVoda app. Here are the steps to check voicemail messages using this method:

Step 1: Log In To The MyVodafone App

Start by logging into the MyVoda app. You can either log in via Facebook Connect or use your existing username and password to access it. Once logged in, the homepage should appear on the screen.

Step 2: Select The “My Services” Tab

On the top of the homepage, tap on the second tab labeled as ‘My Services’. This will take you to a page featuring all the available services offered by Vodacom.

Step 3: Choose The “Voicemail” Option

From the list of services, look for and select the option labeled as ‘Voicemail’. Tap on it to access your voicemails.

Step 4: Enter Your Pin Code

After selecting the “Voicemail” option, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code associated with your Vodacom account. Carefully input the correct PIN using numeric keys on the app’s interface.

Step 5: Listen To New Messages And Manage Them

Once you have entered your PIN successfully, you can now listen to any new messages in your voicemail mailbox through the MyVoda app. Follow the instructions provided by the automated system, such as saving or deleting them.

Step 6: Exit The App

Finally, once you have finished listening to messages and managing them through the MyVodafone app, it is recommended that you exit or log out of it for security purposes.

Voicemail 2 SMS Service

Benefits of Voicemail 2 SMS Service

Vodacom offers a convenient service called Voicemail 2 SMS that converts voice messages into text-based SMS messages. This service comes with several benefits, including:

  • Easily retrieve phone numbers without needing a pen: With the Voicemail 2 SMS service, you no longer need to jot down important contact details while listening to voicemails. The converted text message allows you to easily save and access phone numbers directly on your device.
  • Read voicemails discreetly in social situations: Sometimes it’s not ideal or appropriate to listen to voicemails out loud in public or crowded places. By receiving them as text messages, you can read and respond discretely without disturbing others around you.
  • Save on roaming charges when reading voicemails abroad: When traveling internationally, accessing traditional voice mailbox services may incur additional costs due to roaming charges. However, by using the Vodacom’s Voicemail 2 SMS feature instead of making calls for checking your inbox overseas, you can avoid these extra expenses since incoming texts are usually free or charged at lower rates compared to international call fees.
  • Affordable monthly subscription cost of R19: The convenience offered by this innovative service is available at an affordable price point – just R19 per month! For such a reasonable fee, Vodafone customers gain unlimited access to unlimited number of voice data conversions via their mobile devices.

Activating Voicemail 2 SMS Service

To activate the Voicemail 2 SMS service, you can either call 082 111 from your Vodacom phone or log in to My Vodacom.

Troubleshooting Voicemail Access from Abroad

Issue with Accessing Voicemail from Abroad

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your voicemail on Vodacom while abroad, it can be frustrating. One common issue is when the usual method of accessing voicemails stops working. This could happen due to various reasons such as network settings or account-related issues.

Another possible reason for not being able to access your voicemail is if your mailbox has been inactive for 40 days or more. In this case, the system may have automatically deactivated your mailbox and you will need to reactivate it in order to retrieve any new messages.

Suggestions to Resolve the Issue

To troubleshoot and resolve these issues, here are some suggestions:

  1. Cancel Diverts:

    • Check if call diverts are enabled on your phone.
    • Disable all call diverts by going into the Call Settings menu on your device.
    • Ensure that calls coming through go directly to voicemail without getting diverted elsewhere.
  2. Enable VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi):

    • If available in the country where you’re located, enable Voice over Wi-Fi calling feature on compatible devices.
    • This allows you to make and receive calls using a stable internet connection instead of relying solely on cellular networks which might have limited coverage overseas.
  3. Contact Vodacom for Assistance:

    If none of these troubleshooting steps work or if there seems something else causing an issue with accessing voicemail internationally, contact Vodacom’s customer support team either via their website or by dialing their helpline number specific for international roaming customers.

Remember that different countries may have varying regulations regarding mobile services like voicemail systems; therefore, contacting Vodacom would help clarify whether additional measures should be taken based upon location-specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a voicemail PIN on Vodacom?

To set up a voicemail PIN on Vodacom, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *101# from your cell phone and press ‘Call’ or ‘Send’.
  2. This will take you to the main menu of Voicemail.
  3. Press ‘4’ for settings.
  4. Select the option to change your PIN code.
  5. Follow the prompts to enter and confirm your new four-digit PIN.

Can I access my voicemail from a landline?

Yes, you can access your Vodacom voicemail from any landline by following these steps:

  1. Dial +278214 followed by the last 9 digits of your cellphone number (e.g., +278214XXXXXXXXX).
  2. Listen carefully as an automated system guides you through accessing and managing your messages.

Please note that standard call rates may apply when calling from a landline.

How long are voicemails stored on Vodacom?

Voicemails are typically stored in your mailbox for 14 days after they have been listened to or saved. After this period, they will be automatically deleted unless specifically marked as important or saved within that timeframe.

It is recommended that users regularly check their messages and save any important ones before they expire if necessary.

Can I change my voicemail greeting on Vodacom?

Yes, you can easily customize or update your voice message greeting using either method mentioned earlier – through your phone or the MyVoda app. Simply follow the instructions provided in the respective method to change your voicemail greeting.


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