How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

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In South Africa, individuals can make money with their till slips through various platforms and initiatives. SnapnSave offers cashback on specific items, SavvySaver rewards users with points for their till slips, PanelSmart allows users to share shopping data for rewards, and The School-Days Initiative enables shoppers to earn Edupoints. These opportunities provide a way to turn everyday spending into cash, savings, rewards, and support for local schools.


In South Africa, there are several platforms and initiatives that allow individuals to make money with their till slips. These innovative solutions provide opportunities for users to earn cashback, rewards, and even support education in the country.

One such platform is SnapnSave. With SnapnSave, users can download the app and browse through available offers on specific items. They can then reserve these offers before heading out to shop at partner retailers. After making a purchase, all they need to do is take a photo of their till slip using the app and submit it to claim cashback. The amount will be credited into their SnapnSave wallet which can later be withdrawn into a bank account or used at specified stores.

Another option is SavvySaver – an app that rewards users with points for uploading photos of their till slips from participating retailers. Users simply sign up for an account on the SavvySaver website or app and start shopping as usual at various stores including supermarkets, pharmacies clothing outlets,and petrol stations.Users accumulate points based on specific criteria set by each retailer.These accumulated pointscanbe redeemedforcash back,vouchers,donationsorairtime.Savvysavers also plans include EFT payments as redemption options in future updates.

PanelSmart takes things one step further by allowing shoppers to share their shopping data in exchange for rewards. By joining PanelSmart via its website or downloading the app and linking loyalty cards or uploading till slips, users provide valuable insights to brands and retailers. In return, they earn gift cards, get access to exclusive product releases or discounts. Panel Smart provides a win-win situation where brands get valuable data while consumers enjoy benefits like gift card redemptions or exclusive offers.

Lastly, the School-Days Initiative allows shoppers to earn Edupoints based on their spending at partnered retailers. The earned Edupoints can be redeemed for educational resources like textbooks, stationery supplies, sports equipment, and technology devices. By participating in this initiative, shoppers not only earn rewards for themselves but also support education in South Africa and make a positive impact on local schools.

These platforms provide individuals with the opportunity to turn their everyday spending into cashback savings, rewards, and even contribute towards education. Whether you’re looking to save some money or give back to your community, South Africa has various options available that can help you achieve both goals simultaneously.

How to Make Money with Till Slips in South Africa

Making money with till slips has become a popular trend in South Africa. It involves leveraging technology and various platforms to earn cashback, rewards, or support for local schools based on your everyday spending. In this article, we will explore some of the platforms and initiatives available that allow you to make money with your till slips.


SnapnSave is one such platform that offers cashback on specific items purchased at partner retailers. To get started, users can download the SnapnSave app and browse through the available offers. Once they find an offer they are interested in, they can reserve it using the app before heading out for their shopping trip.

After completing their purchase at any retailer accepting digital till slips across South Africa, users simply need to take a photo of their physical receipt within the SnapnSave app. The photo should clearly show important details like shop name, date, VAT number, and invoice number. Users then submit these photos through the app to claim their cashback. The amount of cashback earned will be credited directly into their SnapnSave wallet. This accumulated amount can be withdrawn into a bank account or used at specified stores as per the rules set by the platform. It’s an easy and convenient way to monetize your shopping trips and save on items you already buy regularly.


Another platform worth exploring is SavvySaver which allows users to earn points for uploading photos of till slips on the participating retailers’ websites. These points are based on specific criteria established by each retailer. Points earned through this process can be redeemed for cashbacks, vouchers, donations, or top-ups such as airtime or data. SavvySaver currently supports redemption options including vouchers, cashbacks, donations to a charity organization, or supporting local communities. In addition, SavvySaver also offers users a chance to win prizes and participate in special promotions.


PanelSmart is another platform that offers rewards in exchange for sharing shopping data. Users can join PanelSmart by visiting their website or downloading the app and linking their loyalty cards or uploading photos of till slips. By providing valuable insights to brands and retailers, users earn gift cards or gain access to exclusive product releases or discounts. PanelSmart provides an opportunity to earn rewards while helping brands improve customer experiences based on shopping data provided by users. It’s a win-win situation where you get rewarded for sharing your purchases with retailers and support them in targeted marketing efforts.

The School-Days Initiative

The School-Days Initiative allows shoppers to make a positive impact on local schools while earning Edupoints based on their spending at partnered retailers. Users can redeem these Edupoints to acquire educational resources like textbooks, stationery supplies, sports equipment, and technology devices. By participating in this initiative, you not only support education but also contribute towards building better futures for South African students. The School-Days Initiative is an innovative way to monetize your spending while reinvesting in your community and the education sector of South Africa.

These platforms provide opportunities for individuals across South Africa to turn everyday spending into cashback, rewards, or support for schools. Whether it’s through snapping photos of till slips, reserving offers, browsing through available deals, or linking loyalty cards, the processes have been made easy and accessible for all. So think twice before throwing till slip earnings away; instead, start monetizing your spending today!


SnapnSave is a popular platform in South Africa that allows individuals to earn cashback on their purchases using till slips. It provides an easy and convenient way for users to turn their everyday spending into savings. Here’s how you can get started with SnapnSave:

1. Download the app and sign up:

To begin earning cashback with SnapnSave, you need to download the app from your smartphone’s app store or visit their website. Once downloaded, create an account by providing some basic information such as your name, email address, and mobile number.

2. Browse offers and book them:

After signing up, browse through the available offers on the SnapnSave app or website. These offers are specific items that qualify for cashback rewards when purchased at partner retailers.

When you find an offer that interests you, simply click on it to reserve it before going shopping.

3. Shop at partner retailers:

With reserved offers in hand (or rather saved within your profile), head out to any retailer in South Africa where digital till slips are accepted – this includes major supermarkets like Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar, etc., pharmacies, clothing stores, petrol stations. Purchase the products associated with each booked offer during your regular shopping trip.

4. Take photos of till slip(s):

Once done making all eligible purchases according to the offers you booked, take a photo of your till slip using the photo scanning feature on the app. Make sure that all relevant information, such as the shop name, date, invoice number, and VAT number, is clearly visible in the snapshot. If the till slip is long, you may need to take several photos and upload them individually for clarity and simplicity.

5. Claim Cashback:

Submit these photos via the SnapnSave app after which they will be reviewed by the SnapnSave team. Once approved, the corresponding cashback amounts will be credited to your SnapnSave wallet.

6. Cashout options and redemption process:

Once you have accumulated a minimum of R50 in your SnapnSave wallet, you can choose to cash out. There are various cashout options available including EFT transfer directly into your bank account or instant withdrawal as physical cash at selected stores.

With its user-friendly interface and wide range of partner retailers, SnapnSave offers an excellent opportunity for South Africans to earn some extra money simply by shopping smartly. So why not give it a try today? Download the app now and start earning cashback on your purchases!


SavvySaver is another platform in South Africa that allows individuals to make money with their till slips. This innovative app rewards users with points for their everyday purchases, which can then be redeemed for various rewards.

Getting Started

To get started on SavvySaver, you will need to create an account. You can do this by visiting the SavvySaver website or downloading the app from your smartphone’s app store. Once you have installed the app and opened it, follow the prompts to sign up and provide any necessary information.

Earning Points

Once your account is set up, you are ready to start earning points with every purchase using your till slip. Simply shop at participating retailers and keep hold of your receipt/till slip after each transaction.

To earn points on SavvySaver:

  1. Open the App – Launching into a world full of savings.
  2. Scan Your Till Slip – Take photos of all pages clearly showing date & time stamp.
  3. Earn Points – Get rewarded when we receive valid scans (points vary per retailer).
  4. Redeem Rewards – Choose how many point’s worth reward vouchers/airtime/data bundles etc., you want!

When uploading a photo of your till slip onto the platform/app, ensure that all relevant details such as date/time stamps are visible so they can verify its authenticity easily.

The number of points earned may vary depending on specific criteria set by each retailer, but rest assured there are plenty of opportunities available across different stores where savvy savers like yourself could benefit greatly!

Redeeming Rewards

Now comes the exciting part; redeeming those hard-earned loyalty/reward program benefits offered through partnering brands/stores within our network, including cashback offers, vouchers, donations towards charities, or even airtime top-ups among others!

Currently, SavvySaver has redemption options such as cashback, coupons/vouchers, and donations. However, the team behind this amazing initiative plans future enhancements, including the addition of EFT payments as a redemption option. This means that users will have even more flexibility in how they choose to use their earned points.

SavvySaver is continuously expanding its network of participating retailers, so keep an eye out for new opportunities to earn and redeem your rewards!

With SavvySaver, you can turn your everyday spending into valuable rewards while enjoying the benefits offered by partnering brands/stores within our extensive network. So why not start earning those points today? Sign up with SavvySaver and make every till slip count!


Description of PanelSmart Platform:

PanelSmart offers an easy-to-use website and app interface where users can sign up and start participating. The platform aims to gather information about consumer behavior by collecting data from loyalty cards or uploaded till slips. This data helps companies understand market trends, improve products, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

How to Join and Share Shopping Data:

To join PanelSmart, simply visit their website or download the app on your smartphone. Once registered as a member, you will have two options for sharing your shopping data:

  1. Linking Loyalty Cards: If you frequently use loyalty cards at various stores during your purchases, linking them with your panel account enables automatic collection of relevant transaction details without any additional effort required from you.
  2. Uploading Till Slips: In case some retailers do not offer loyalty card programs or if you prefer using cash instead of electronic payment methods like credit/debit cards when making purchases; don’t worry! You can still participate by manually uploading photos of your till slips through the user-friendly interface provided by Panel Smart’s mobile application or web portal.

Rewards And Benefits For Participating In PanelSmart:

By actively contributing towards building this comprehensive database through regular participation in sharing purchase information via linked loyalty cards or uploaded receipts/till-slips; participants are eligible for several enticing rewards such as gift vouchers/coupons/discounts offered exclusively within the program itself.


  • Participants may also gain access to exclusive product releases before they hit store shelves.
  • Some members might even receive special discounts tailored specifically based on their purchasing habits/preferences identified through shared transactions history!

These perks make being part of PanelSmart both rewarding financially & personally satisfying!

How To Link Loyalty Cards Or Upload Till Slips:

Linking your loyalty cards with PanelSmart is a straightforward process. Simply follow the instructions provided on their website or app to connect each card securely.

For those who prefer uploading till slips, take clear photos of your receipts and upload them through the designated section in either the mobile application or web portal. Make sure that all relevant details such as store name, date, invoice number, and VAT numbers are clearly visible for accurate data collection.

PanelSmart offers an innovative way for individuals to contribute valuable shopping data while being rewarded at the same time. Whether you choose to link loyalty cards or upload till slips manually; participating in this platform allows you access exciting rewards tailored specifically based on shared transaction history! So why not join today? Start sharing your shopping experiences with Panel Smart and enjoy both financial benefits & personal satisfaction from contributing towards improving products/services offered by various brands/retailers across South Africa!

The School-Days Initiative

Overview of The School-Days Initiative:

The School-Days Initiative aims to bridge the gap between consumer spending and educational resources by incentivizing shoppers through the accumulation of Edupoints. These points can be earned when making purchases at participating retailers, turning everyday expenses into valuable rewards.

How Shoppers Can Earn Edupoints:

To start earning Edupoints, shoppers need to sign up for an account with The School-Days Initiative either through their website or app. Once registered, they can browse through the list of partnered retailers where they can shop and earn points using their till slips.

When shopping at these partner stores, customers simply need to present or link their loyalty card during checkout or upload photos of their valid till slips as proof of purchase within specified timeframes set by each retailer. By doing so, users will accumulate Edupoints based on how much they spend.

Redemption Options for Edupoints:

Once enough Edpoints have been accumulated in a shopper’s account balance (the specific threshold may vary depending on individual redemption options), there are various ways these points can be redeemed:

  1. Educational Resources: Users have the option to redeem their accumulated Eudpoints towards purchasing educational resources such as textbooks, stationery supplies like pens and notebooks, and sports equipment needed for physical education classes.
  2. Technology Devices: Another exciting redemption option available is technology devices which include laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. These technological tools play crucial roles in enhancing learning experiences both inside classrooms and beyond.

Impact On Local Schools And Education In South Africa:

By participating in The-School Days-Initiative, shoppers contribute directly toward supporting education in South Africa. The Edupoints earned through their spending can be used to provide much-needed educational resources for schools and students who may not have access to them otherwise.

The initiative helps bridge the gap between limited school budgets and necessary supplies, ensuring that children receive a quality education regardless of their socio-economic background. By making money with till slips through this program, shoppers are actively contributing towards building a brighter future for young learners across the country.

In conclusion, The School-Days Initiative offers an innovative way for individuals to make money with till slips while simultaneously supporting local schools and improving education in South Africa. Through earning Edupoints from everyday purchases at partnered retailers, shoppers can contribute directly toward providing essential educational resources needed by students and teachers alike.

Benefits for Stores

Partnering with cashback apps can provide numerous benefits for stores in South Africa. Here are some of the advantages that retailers can enjoy:

Increased Foot Traffic and Customer Engagement:

By offering cashback incentives through till slips, stores attract more customers who are motivated to make purchases. Cashback apps encourage shoppers to choose participating retailers over competitors, leading to increased foot traffic and potential sales opportunities.

Access to Valuable Data and Insights:

Cashback platforms collect data on consumer spending habits, preferences, and trends. By partnering with these apps, stores gain access to valuable insights about their target audience’s purchasing behavior. This information allows them to tailor marketing strategies accordingly by understanding which products or promotions resonate most effectively with their customer base.

Marketing and Promotion Opportunities:

Collaborating with cashback apps opens up new avenues for marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Retailers have the opportunity not only to reach a wider audience but also engage directly with app users through exclusive offers or discounts tailored specifically towards this demographic.

Alignment With Digital Transformation Trends in Retail Industry:

In today’s digital age where technology is transforming various industries including retail; aligning one’s business model digitally has become crucially important. Partnering with innovative solutions like cash back applications demonstrates a commitment toward embracing technological advancements within the industry while staying relevant among tech-savvy consumers.

Overall, partnering with cash-back apps provides an array of benefits such as increasing store visibility and attracting new customers, gaining insight into shopper behavior, enabling targeted advertising efforts based on collected data. It also helps businesses stay ahead amidst ongoing digital transformation trend across multiple sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I make money with till slips in South Africa?

A1: There are several platforms and initiatives available in South Africa that allow you to earn money or rewards by using your till slips. Some popular options include SnapnSave, SavvySaver, PanelSmart, and The School-Days Initiative.

Q2: What is SnapnSave?

A2: SnapnSave is a platform that offers cashback on specific items purchased at partner retailers. Users can download the app, browse through available offers, reserve the ones they are interested in, and then complete their shopping at participating stores. After making a purchase, users simply take a photo of their till slip through the app to claim cashback.

Q3: How does SavvySaver work?

A3: SavvySaver allows users to earn points for uploading photos of their till slips from various retailers. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as vouchers or airtime. Currently, SavvySaver is also planning to include EFT payments as an option soon.

Q4: What is PanelSmart?

A4: PanelSmart is a consumer panel where users share their data like loyalty cards, till slips, etc. In return, brands provide them with gift cards, exclusive product releases, and discounts.

Q5: What is The School-Days Initiative?

A5: The School-Days Initiative enables shoppers to accumulate Edupoints based on spending made at partnered retailers. These Edupoints could later be used towards educational resources including textbooks, stationery supplies, sports equipment, and technology devices.

Additional Information:

  • Each platform has its own unique features and benefits
  • It’s important to read each platform’s terms and conditions before signing up
  • Cashout options may vary depending on the rules set by each platform


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