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How To Make Private Number On Mtn?

Quick Summary

This blog post explores the issue of receiving calls from private numbers on the MTN and Vodacom networks in South Africa. It discusses various solutions such as contacting the police, using caller unmasking services, and utilizing smartphone apps to block private or unknown numbers. The post also mentions a new law being implemented to address the problem of private number calls.


Receiving calls from private numbers can be a frustrating and annoying experience. Many MTN network users have reported receiving such calls, where the caller’s number is hidden or shows up as “no number” on their devices. These anonymous callers often hang up immediately after the call is answered or remain silent for a few seconds before disconnecting.

The lack of identification makes it difficult to determine who these callers are and why they are contacting you. In response to this issue, various suggestions and solutions have been discussed in external sources that aim to help individuals deal with private number calls effectively.

Some common recommendations include reaching out to law enforcement authorities like the police if harassment persists, using caller unmasking services provided by companies like intertel.co.za, or utilizing smartphone apps designed specifically for blocking unknown or private numbers.

In addition, there has been mention of a new law being implemented aimed at preventing the use of private numbers altogether. This development offers hope that measures will be put in place soon to address this nuisance more comprehensively across mobile networks within South Africa.

Note: The content above provides an introduction based on information gathered from external sources regarding receiving calls from private numbers on MTN network phones.

How to Find Out the Number of a Private Caller

If you are receiving calls from private numbers on your MTN network and want to find out who is behind them, there are several options available. Here’s what you can do:

1. Contact the police:

One option is to contact the police and open a case of harassment. They have resources and tools that can help track down anonymous callers if they deem it necessary.

2. Use caller unmasking services:

Another solution is using caller unmasking services like intertel.co.za. These services specialize in revealing hidden or blocked phone numbers by utilizing advanced technology.

3. Smartphone apps for call blocking:

There are also smartphone apps available that can block calls from private or unknown numbers altogether, providing some relief from unwanted calls without having to know their exact identity.

It’s important to note that while these methods may be effective in certain cases, they might not always guarantee success due to various factors such as technical limitations or legal restrictions imposed by local regulations.

Please remember that privacy laws differ between countries; therefore, it’s essential first familiarize yourself with any applicable legislation before taking action against harassing callers.

The New Law to Prevent the Use of Private Numbers

In an effort to address the issue of private numbers and protect individuals from harassment, a new law has been implemented. This law aims to reduce the number of calls made with hidden or private numbers on mobile networks like MTN and Vodacom.

The implementation of this new law is seen as a positive step towards combating unwanted calls from unknown sources. By making it illegal for callers to hide their identity through private numbers, authorities hope that individuals will feel safer and more secure when using their phones.

Potential Impact

One potential impact of this law is that it may deter harassers who rely on anonymity while making threatening or nuisance phone calls. With stricter regulations in place, these offenders could face legal consequences if caught engaging in such behavior.

However, there are some limitations and challenges associated with implementing this new legislation. It can be difficult for authorities to track down anonymous callers without cooperation from service providers or access to advanced technology capable of unmasking hidden identities.

Additionally, enforcing compliance with the new law might prove challenging due to limited resources available for monitoring all incoming call data across various networks effectively. As a result, not every instance involving private number abuse may lead directly back to its source unless additional evidence is provided by victims themselves during investigations conducted by relevant agencies such as local police departments working closely alongside network operators’ security teams.

Despite these challenges, the introduction of this new law is a significant step towards addressing the issue of private numbers and protecting individuals from harassment.

Dealing with Private Number Harassment on Vodacom

Receiving calls from private numbers can be a frustrating experience, especially when it comes to the “no number” calls on the Vodacom network. Many users have reported receiving multiple such calls per day, where the call ends as soon as they answer or after a few seconds if they don’t say anything.

The annoyance caused by these “no number” calls is further exacerbated by the lack of a clear solution provided by Vodacom itself. Users who have reached out to customer care for assistance in dealing with this issue often find themselves without any concrete answers or solutions.

1. Call Blockers:

Consider using call blocking apps available for smartphones. These apps allow you to block specific numbers or even all unknown/private numbers from reaching your device altogether. By enabling this feature, unwanted callers will no longer be able to disturb you through their hidden identities.

2. Intertel Services:

Intertel is another option worth exploring if you want more information about anonymous callers behind those private numbers harassing you relentlessly. This service claims to unmask blocked caller IDs for a fee so that individuals can identify and take appropriate action against persistent harassers effectively.

While these options might not completely eliminate every single instance of private number harassment, they do provide an additional layer of protection and control over incoming calls.

Note: The content above has been written based on external sources but hasn’t been reviewed or edited yet.

Blocking Private Numbers and Other Solutions

Blocking private numbers can be an effective way to deal with the annoyance of receiving calls from unknown or hidden numbers. There are several solutions available that can help you block these calls and regain control over your phone.

1. Call blocking apps:

One popular option is to use call blocking apps such as TrueCaller and Should I Answer. These apps have extensive databases of known spam callers, telemarketers, and scammers, allowing them to automatically identify incoming calls from suspicious or unwanted sources. They also provide the ability to manually add specific numbers or block all private/unknown number calls altogether.

2. National Do Not Call List:

Another solution is signing up for the national do not call list in South Africa (https://www.dmasa.org/donotcontact). By registering your number on this list, you indicate that you do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing messages or sales-related phone calls from registered companies within a specified period of time.

However, it’s important to note some limitations associated with blocking private numbers:

  • iOS devices: On iPhones running iOS software versions prior 13.x.x., there may be limited options for directly blocking private/unknown caller IDs without using third-party applications.

It’s worth mentioning that while these solutions can significantly reduce unwanted communication by filtering out most nuisance callers effectively, they might occasionally result in false positives where legitimate contacts get blocked due to their information being misidentified as potential spam/scam activity.

In conclusion, blocking private numbers provides a practical approach towards minimizing disturbances caused by unidentified callers who often engage in harassment tactics like hanging up immediately after answering the call. By utilizing dedicated mobile applications designed specifically for identifying spams & scams along with subscribing yourself onto official “Do Not Contact” lists, users gain more control over managing inbound communications according to personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block private numbers on my MTN/Vodacom phone?

Yes, it is possible to block private numbers on your MTN or Vodacom phone. One option is to use smartphone apps that offer call blocking features. Apps like TrueCaller and Should I Answer allow you to automatically reject calls from unknown or private numbers. These apps have extensive databases of known spam callers and can help filter out unwanted calls.

How effective are caller unmasking services?

Caller unmasking services, such as intertel.co.za mentioned in the external sources, claim to be able to reveal the identity behind a hidden number. However, their effectiveness may vary depending on various factors including network compatibility and availability of information about the caller’s number in their database.

Will the new law completely eliminate private number calls?

While implementing a new law aims at addressing issues related to privacy concerns with anonymous calling practices; however complete elimination of all private number calls might not be feasible due technical limitations associated with identifying every single hidden/private call made through different networks.

Are there any free solutions available for blocking private numbers?

There are some free options available for blocking incoming calls from unidentified or blocked/private numbers.

For Android users:

  • Enable “Block Unknown Callers” feature (may differ based on device model) which will send these types of incoming calls directly to voicemail without ringing your device.
  • Download third-party applications like Mr Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection app which offers advanced filtering capabilities allowing you to customize how certain types/numbers should behave when they try contacting you.

Unfortunately, iOS devices do not provide built-in functionality specifically designed only for this purpose. However, users still have the ability to report specific contacts/calls/messages, etc., using Apple’s reporting system so appropriate actions could be taken by them if required.

Can I report Private Number harassment incidents directly to my mobile network provider?

If you’re experiencing persistent harassment from a Private Number, it is recommended to report the incidents directly to your mobile network provider. They may be able to assist you in identifying and blocking these calls or provide further guidance on how best to deal with such situations.

Note: It’s important for users experiencing harassment from private numbers, especially if they are of a threatening nature, to also consider reporting the issue to local law enforcement authorities who can take appropriate action based on their jurisdictional laws.


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