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How To Port From Telkom To Mtn?

Quick Summary

Porting from Telkom to MTN is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your current phone number. By completing RICA registration, obtaining a PAC code from Telkom, and visiting an authorized MTN store or dealer with the necessary documentation, you can switch to MTN within 24 hours. Some common issues include the old Telkom SIM card remaining active and delays in the porting process, but these can be resolved by contacting customer support and verifying personal details on both sides.


Porting from Telkom to MTN is a process that allows you to switch your mobile service provider while keeping your current phone number. This can be beneficial if you are looking for better data packages, more reliable network coverage, and easier access to customer care services. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps involved in porting from Telkom to MTN and address common issues that may arise during the process.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transition from Telkom Mobile to MTN without losing any of your existing contacts or credit balance. Let’s dive into the details!

Benefits of Porting from Telkom to MTN

  1. Access competitive data packages: One major advantage of switching over is gaining access to more affordable and attractive data bundles offered by MTN. Whether it’s browsing social media platforms or streaming videos online, having cost-effective options ensures an enhanced digital experience.
  2. Voice calls and SMS with no extra charge: When ported successfully, all voice call minutes and text messages included in your plan will remain intact at no additional cost on the new network -MTM-. You won’t have any interruptions when communicating with friends or family members using these traditional communication methods.
  3. More reliable network coverage: MTN’s extensive infrastructure provides wider geographic reach compared to other networks like Telkom’s. By moving over, you’ll enjoy improved signal strength even in remote areas where connectivity might previously have been limited.
  4. Easier access to customer care services: MTN offers a variety of customer care channels, including online chat, phone support, and physical stores. This makes it easier for you to get assistance or resolve any issues that may arise with your mobile service.

Benefits of Porting from Telkom to MTN

Porting your phone number from Telkom to MTN comes with several benefits that can enhance your mobile experience. Here are some advantages you can enjoy by making the switch:

1. Access to more competitive data packages:

MTN offers a wide range of affordable and flexible data plans, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs and budget. By porting from Telkom, you gain access to these competitive offerings, ensuring that you have sufficient data for all your online activities.

2. Voice calls and SMS with no extra charge:

When switching over to MTN, voice calls and SMS services come at no additional cost beyond what is included in your chosen plan or bundle. This means greater convenience as there won’t be any unexpected charges when communicating through traditional methods.

3. More reliable network coverage:

One significant advantage of joining the MTN network is its extensive coverage across South Africa’s urban areas as well as many rural regions where other networks may struggle or not reach at all. By porting from Telkom Mobile (or another provider) to 4G-enabled devices on the robust nationwide infrastructure offered by MTN, you’ll benefit from improved signal strength and connectivity wherever you go.

4. Easier access to customer care services:

As an MTN subscriber, portability allows you to take advantage of their dedicated customer care services. This includes 24/7 support via various channels such as phone, email, and social media platforms. With prompt assistance available whenever needed, MTN ensures a seamless user experience for its customers, making it easier than ever before to resolve any issues or make inquiries about your account, services that were not always readily available with Telkom mobile services.

5. Variety of value-added services:

In addition to basic telecommunications services, MTN offers an array of value-added services to enhance your mobile experiences. These may include access to entertainment platforms, exclusive content, and discounted offers on various products and services. These value-added services are designed to enrich your mobile lifestyle and provide you with additional benefits beyond just making calls and sending messages.

By porting from Telkom to MTN, you can take advantage of these benefits, enjoy a more reliable network coverage, gain access to more data packages without incurring extra charges for voice calls or SMS, make the most of customer care services whenever needed, and explore a variety of value-added services that can enhance your mobile experience.

Steps to Port from Telkom to MTN

Porting your phone number from Telkom to MTN is a straightforward process that allows you to switch service providers while keeping the same phone number. Here are the steps involved in porting from Telkom to MTN:

1. Complete RICA registration:

Before initiating the porting process, ensure that you have completed your RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information) registration with both Telkom and MTN. This involves providing proof of identity and address.

2. Obtain PAC code from Telkom:

To initiate the porting process, you will need a unique Port Authorization Code (PAC) provided by Telkom. Contact their customer support or visit one of their stores/dealerships for assistance in obtaining this code.

3. Visit an authorized MTN store or dealer:

Once you have obtained your PAC code, it’s time to visit an authorized MTN store or dealer near you.

4. Provide necessary documentation:

When visiting an authorized MTN Store/Dealer, make sure to carry along all required documents such as ID book/card/passport/driving license, Proof Of Residence (utility bill/bank statement), and Proof Of Employment/Pay Slip.

5. Wait for the switch completion (within 24 hours):

After submitting all relevant documents at the Authorized Dealer/MTN Shop, you’ll be informed about when exactly they will complete the switching over within the next few days, but it usually takes around 24 hours.

6. Automatic transfer remaining credit:

Any remaining airtime balance on your old SIM card will automatically be transferred once the switch has been successfully completed.

By following these simple steps, you can smoothly transition from using services offered by Telkom to enjoying what MTN has to offer without any interruption. You no longer need to worry about changing your phone numbers and can continue communicating with friends, family, and colleagues without any hassle.

Common Issues with Porting from Telkom to MTN

Porting your number from Telkom to MTN is generally a smooth process, but there are some common issues that users may encounter. Here are three of the most frequently reported problems:

1. Old Telkom SIM card still active after porting:

One issue that some users face is their old Telkom SIM card remaining active even after successfully porting to MTN. This can be frustrating as it means they cannot fully utilize their new service provider.

Solution: If you find yourself in this situation, the best course of action is to contact Telkom customer support and request them to deactivate your old SIM card manually. They should be able to assist you in resolving this issue promptly so that you can enjoy all the benefits of being on the MTN network.

2. Porting process taking longer than expected:

While porting usually takes place within 24 hours, sometimes delays occur due to various reasons such as technical glitches or administrative errors during processing.

Solution: If you experience an extended delay beyond 24 hours without any communication regarding the status of your switch, it’s advisable first reach out directly for assistance by contacting MTN customer support via phone or visiting one of their stores/dealerships near you.

3. Incorrect details on either side causing issues:

Another potential problem arises when incorrect personal information exists on either end – whether it’s inaccurate data stored with Telkom’s system or discrepancies found within MTN’s. In these cases where cell numbers don’t correspond correctly alongside full names and ID verification processes required before switching networks, customers might not receive approval necessary for completing transfers smoothly between providers like mentioned above (Telkom Mobile & MTN).

Solution: To resolve this matter efficiently, it would be wise to double-check and ensure accuracy across both platforms involved – Telkom’s and MTN’s systems. If inconsistencies persist despite efforts made by individuals themselves, it’s recommended to contact customer support representatives from both Telkom and MTN for further assistance. They will be able to guide you through the necessary steps needed in order to rectify any discrepancies found within their respective systems.

By being aware of these common issues that can arise during the porting process, you’ll be better prepared if they happen to occur. Remember that reaching out directly to your service providers’ customer support teams is often the most effective way of resolving any problems or concerns promptly.

Solutions to Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while porting from Telkom to MTN, here are some solutions that can help resolve them:

1. Contact Telkom customer support to deactivate old SIM card:

  • If your old Telkom SIM card is still active even after successfully porting to MTN, it could cause complications when trying to switch back or complete the process fully.
  • To address this issue, get in touch with Telkom’s customer support and explain the situation. They should be able to assist you in deactivating the old SIM card so that there are no conflicts during the porting process.

2. Contact MTN customer support for assistance with delayed porting process:

  • In case your number has not been successfully transferred within 24 hours as expected, reach out directly to MTN’s customer support team for guidance and assistance.
  • Explain your situation clearly and provide all relevant details such as your current phone number, PAC code used during the transfer request, and any other information they may require.

3. Verify and update personal details on both Telkom and MTN systems:

  • It is crucial that all of your personal information matches accurately between both telcos’ systems (Telkom & MTN) before initiating a switch/port request.
  • Ensure that important identification data like cell numbers, full name, and ID correspond correctly across platforms. This will prevent potential errors or rejections during processing.

By following these steps, you’ll increase the chances of successful completion without unnecessary delays or complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I keep my current phone number when porting from Telkom to MTN?

Yes, you can keep your current phone number when porting from Telkom to MTN. This process is known as mobile number portability (MNP), which allows you to switch service providers while retaining the same phone number.

2. How long does the porting process take?

The porting process usually takes up to 24 hours to complete. However, in some cases, it may take longer due to various factors such as network congestion or technical issues.

3. What documentation do I need to provide when visiting an MTN store or dealer?

When visiting an authorized MTN store or dealer for the porting process, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Your valid South African ID document
  • Proof of residence (such as a utility bill) not older than three months
  • The PAC code obtained from Telkom

4. Will my remaining credit be transferred automatically?

Yes, any remaining credit on your Telkom account will be transferred automatically during the switching process.

5. What should I do if my old Telkom SIM card is still active after porting?

If your old Telkom SIM card is still active after porting to MTN, you will need to deactivate it. Contact the Telkom customer support team and inform them about the problem. They should be able to take care of deactivating your old SIM card so that you can fully utilize your new MTN SIM card.

6. What should I do if the porting process is taking longer than expected?

If the porting process is taking longer than expected, it’s best to contact MTN customer support for assistance. They can investigate and provide updates on the whereabouts of your number during the switching process.

7. What should I do if there are incorrect details on either the Telkom or MTN side?

If you notice any incorrect details on either the Telkom or MTN side, it is important to rectify them before proceeding with the porting process. Contact both service providers’ customer support teams and provide them with accurate information to ensure a smooth transition.

8. Can I port back to Telkom if I change my mind after switching to MTN?

Yes, you can port back to Telkom if you change your mind after switching to MTN. However, keep in mind that this will be treated as a new request for mobile number portability and may involve additional processes and fees set by both service providers. It’s recommended to contact their respective customer support teams for further guidance on how to proceed with reversing the switch.

Please note: The answers provided above are based on general knowledge of mobile number portability procedures in South Africa. For specific queries related to your individual situation, it is advisable to contact the customer support teams of Telkom and MTN for accurate and up-to-date information.


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