How To Port From Vodacom To Telkom

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Switching from Vodacom to Telkom is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your old phone number. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this post, you can easily port your number to Telkom and enjoy their better plans and services. Make sure to gather all the necessary details, request a porting code from Vodacom, submit your information to Telkom, and wait for confirmation to complete the porting process successfully.


Switching from one mobile network provider to another can be a daunting task, especially when you want to keep your existing phone number. If you’re considering switching from Vodacom to Telkom in South Africa, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to port your number seamlessly without losing any important contacts or information.

Porting allows customers the flexibility of changing their service providers while retaining their old phone numbers. This means that by following the correct process and steps outlined below, you can enjoy better plans and services offered by Telkom Mobile without having to inform all your friends and family about a new contact number.

So if you’re ready for an effortless switch from Vodacom to Telkom with minimal disruption, let’s dive into our step-by-step guide on how exactly it is done!

Why switch from Vodacom to Telkom?

Switching mobile network providers is a decision that many people consider at some point. If you’re currently with Vodacom and contemplating a change, here are some reasons why switching to Telkom might be worth considering:

Better plans and pricing:

One of the main factors driving customers to switch networks is finding better value for their money. Telkom offers competitive prepaid and contract packages with attractive data bundles, call rates, and SMS options.

Improved coverage:

Network coverage plays an essential role in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity wherever you go. While Vodacom has extensive coverage across South Africa, it’s always beneficial to check if there are areas where your current provider may have weaker signal strength or no service at all – this could be an opportunity for improvement by switching over to Telkom.

Enhanced customer support:

Customer service can make or break your experience as a mobile subscriber when facing issues such as billing problems or technical difficulties with your device or connection quality. Telkom prides itself on providing excellent customer support through various channels like phone helplines, online chat services, and social media platforms – making sure that any concerns get addressed promptly.

Wider range of products & services:

In addition to its core telecommunications offerings, Telkom mobile provides additional benefits such as free Wi-Fi access via public hotspots (powered by Fon), entertainment streaming subscriptions, such as the popular Showmax platform, and exclusive deals on devices like smartphones or tablets. These added perks give subscribers more bang for their buck compared to some other providers in the market.

Opportunity to keep your old number:

One of the most significant concerns when changing networks is losing your existing phone number. However, portability regulations allow you to transfer your existing number from Vodacom over to Telkom in an easy process. This means you can enjoy all the features and benefits of Telkom’s services without the hassle of informing everyone about your new number.

Switching from Vodacom to Telkom can be a smart move if you’re looking for better plans, improved coverage, enhanced customer support, and additional benefits. Consider your specific needs and compare the offerings of both providers before making a decision that suits you best.

Step-by-step guide to porting from Vodacom to Telkom

Step 1: Get a Telkom SIM card

To begin the process of switching from Vodacom to Telkom, you will need a Telkom prepaid SIM card that has been registered (RICA-registered). Make sure you have this before proceeding with the porting process.

Step 2: SMS your new SIM number

Using your current Vodacom number, send an SMS with the message ‘portme’ followed by your new Telkom SIM number to 082 767 8287. This step is crucial as it initiates the porting request and informs both networks about your intention to switch providers.

Step 3: Confirmation and activation

After sending the SMS, you will receive two messages – one confirming that they have received your request for porting and another containing a specific date for when the actual transfer will take place. It’s important not to remove or change any details on these confirmation messages.

One day after receiving these confirmations, dial *136# using either network provider’s simcard in order activate/confirm/port-in into telcom mobile service.

Note: The above mentioned code may vary depending upon different regions, please check the official website of Vodacom/Telkom/mobile operator.

Please note that during this time period between requesting and activating, there might be some downtime where neither old nor new SIM cards work. So make necessary arrangements accordingly.

Step 4: Switch Process

Switch requests are processed on weekdays between 19h30 and 23h30, excluding public holidays. You can choose whether you want the switchover done on the same day or select a date within thirty days.

It’s also worth noting that if your Vodacom account is under contract, you will need to settle any outstanding amounts before initiating the port request.

Once initiated, the actual switch process should take place between 11pm and 3am on the selected date. During this time, you may experience a temporary loss of service as your number is being transferred from Vodacom to Telkom’s network infrastructure.

Step 5: Keep Your Number

Telkom understands that keeping your current phone number when switching providers is important. To ensure you don’t lose it during the porting process, simply let them know that you want to port your existing number to their network.

They will guide you through the process and make sure that your number is successfully transferred to their network without any hassle.

By following these steps carefully, you can smoothly transition from Vodacom to Telkom without losing your old phone number. Enjoy better plans and services offered by Telkom Mobile while staying connected with friends and family using the same familiar contact details.

Important information to consider

Switching from one network provider to another can be a significant decision, and it’s essential to have all the necessary information before making the switch. Here are some important details you should consider when porting your number from Vodacom to Telkom:

Process variation for switching to a different network:

It’s crucial to note that the process outlined in this article is specific for switching from Vodacom specifically. If you plan on switching networks other than Telkom, such as MTN or Cell C, please refer directly their respective websites or contact customer support for detailed instructions.

Required details for the porting process:

Before initiating the porting process, make sure you have all your relevant personal and account details ready. This may include your current phone number with Vodacom, ID document (or passport), billing address associated with your mobile service contract if applicable.

Requesting a porting code from Vodacom:

To start the transfer of your existing number from Vodacom over to Telkom Mobile infrastructure successfully; You will need an eight-digit unique Portability Code provided by Vodacom. To obtain this code, send an SMS message containing “PORT” followed by your cell phone number without any spaces between them (e.g., PORT0712345678).

Submitting Details To Telkom:

Once you’ve obtained the porting code from Vodacom, you will need to visit Telkom Mobile’s website or app and provide all the required details, including the unique eight-digit porting code received from Vodacom. Telkom will then begin processing your request to transfer your account to their network infrastructure.

Benefits of porting to Telkom

Switching from Vodacom to Telkom comes with several benefits that can enhance your mobile experience. Here are some advantages you can enjoy by porting your number to Telkom:

1. Cost-effective plans and packages:

Telkom offers competitive pricing for their voice, data, and SMS bundles. By switching to Telkom, you may find more affordable options that suit your budget without compromising on quality.

2. Generous data allocations:

Telkom’s prepaid and contract plans often come with generous data allowances compared to other networks in South Africa. This means you’ll have more freedom to browse the internet, stream videos or music, use social media apps extensively without worrying about running out of data too quickly.

3. Excellent network coverage:

With a wide-reaching infrastructure across South Africa, Telkom’s network provides reliable coverage even in remote areas where other providers might struggle. Telkom has invested heavily in expanding its 4G/LTE footprint which ensures fast download speeds wherever available.

4. Additional perks & rewards:

By joining the “Mo’Nice” loyalty program offered by Telkom, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts, rewards, and special promotions. This allows customers access additional value-added services such as free Wi-Fi at selected hotspots nationwide.

5. Customer support excellence:

When it comes to customer service, Telkom is known for providing excellent assistance. They offer various channels through which customers can reach them including call centers, social media platforms, email, etc. Their dedicated team strives to ensure prompt resolution of any issues or queries raised, ensuring an overall positive user experience.

Porting from Vodacom to Telkom gives users access to these benefits while retaining their existing phone numbers. It’s important, however, to consider factors like signal strength, costs associated with new SIM cards, and data requirements before making the decision to switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I port from Vodacom to Telkom and keep my old number?

Yes, you can easily port your existing phone number from Vodacom to Telkom. Both networks understand the importance of keeping your current number when switching providers. To do this, make sure you have a Telkom prepaid SIM card that has been registered (RICA-registered). Then, using your current Vodacom number, send an SMS with the message ‘portme’ followed by your new Telkom SIM card’s unique 8-digit code to 082 767 8287. Follow the confirmation and activation process provided in our step-by-step guide above.

How long does the porting process take?

The duration for completing the porting process may vary slightly depending on various factors such as how quickly you provide all necessary information and network processing times. Typically, after submitting your details to Telkom Mobile for verification and acceptance of their request within one or two days at most; however it could be quicker if everything is done promptly. Once confirmed by them wait another seven days approximately before receiving a final confirmation stating that they successfully processed transferring account over onto their infrastructure which should arrive within those aforementioned time frame mentioned earlier.

Can I port back to Vodacom after switching to Telkom?

If for any reason you decide later on that want switch back again then yes there is possibility return original provider but only once ninety-day period since last switched between these two companies elapsed otherwise will not able perform same action until enough time passes accordingly without violating terms set forth agreement made during initial transfer procedure completed previously so please bear mind while considering options available moving forward based individual needs circumstances involved here too!

Can I port my number multiple times?

Yes! You are allowed multiple ports with a minimum waiting period of ninety-days between each switch according regulations governing mobile telecommunications industry South Africa ensure fair competition among service providers maintain stability market environment overall. So, if you wish to switch your number from Vodacom to Telkom again after the initial porting process and waiting period have been completed, you can do so.

Is there a waiting period between porting requests?

Yes, as mentioned earlier in the previous question’s answer; according regulations governing mobile telecommunications industry South Africa ensure fair competition among service providers maintain stability market environment overall – there is minimum ninety-day gap required before initiating another transfer request for same phone line or account associated with it regardless whether switching back original provider (Vodacom) or moving onto different one such MTN network instead this time around!


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