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How To Register For Free Electricity Units?

Quick Summary

The blog post provides a comprehensive guide on how to register for free electricity units in South Africa. It covers the process of determining eligibility for Free Basic Electricity (FBE), claiming FBE vouchers, and registering for online access to your electricity account. The post also includes important information about FBE limits, prepaid electricity meters, and additional electricity usage.


Free Basic Electricity (FBE) is a government initiative implemented by Eskom and municipalities in South Africa to support low-income households and improve their quality of life. Many qualifying households are unaware of this benefit or unsure about the process to collect it. In this blog post, we will provide you with comprehensive information on how to register for free electricity units.

The FBE program provides eligible households with a monthly allocation of 50kWh to 60kWh of free electricity. This amount is considered enough for basic lighting, media access, ironing, and boiling water using an electric kettle. Indigent households are identified by local municipalities who include them in the list of FBE beneficiaries.

Claiming FBE Vouchers

To claim your FBE vouchers each month, there are different methods available depending on your situation:

  1. Visiting Nearest Vendor:

    If you have been advised by your municipality that you qualify for the FBE benefit, simply visit your nearest vendor location where you can collect your vouchers.

  2. Using USSD Codes:

    Alternatively, if you are already configured as an FBE customer, you can use USSD codes *130*869# or *130*269# from any cell phone at no charge. This allows customers easy access without having to travel long distances to get these benefits.

It’s important to note that before claiming the benefit via USSD code, it must be confirmed whether one qualifies by contacting the municipal office, ward councillor, or community development worker.

Registering for Online Access

In addition, the registration page provided instructions on how individuals could register online, which would give immediate account accessibility. The steps included providing personal details alongside relevant bill validation. It was also recommended reading the company’s privacy statement and disclaimer prior to usage.

Stay tuned as we guide you through each step so that every eligible household can take advantage of this valuable resource!

What is Free Basic Electricity (FBE)?

Free Basic Electricity (FBE) is a government initiative implemented by Eskom and municipalities in South Africa to support low-income households and improve their quality of life. It provides qualifying households with a certain amount of free electricity units each month.

The FBE allocation covers the basic energy needs for essential household activities such as lighting, media access, ironing, and boiling water using an electric kettle. The specific amount of FBE provided varies depending on the municipality where the household resides but typically ranges between 50kWh to 60kWh per month.

Indigent households are identified by local municipalities based on predetermined criteria that consider factors like income level or social welfare status. These eligible households are then included in a list of beneficiaries who can claim their monthly FBE vouchers from designated Eskom vending outlets.

By providing this assistance, the aim is to alleviate some financial burden for those facing economic challenges while ensuring they have access to necessary electrical services within their homes.

It’s important for qualifying individuals or families to be aware of this benefit so they can take advantage of it and reduce their electricity expenses accordingly. However, many people may not be familiar with how exactly they can register or collect these free electricity units.

How to Determine if You Qualify for FBE

To determine if you qualify for Free Basic Electricity (FBE) in South Africa, there are a few steps you can take. The eligibility criteria and application process may vary slightly depending on your municipality. Here are three common methods to find out if you qualify:

Contacting Local Municipal Office:

One way to check your eligibility is by contacting the local municipal office in your area. They will have information about the FBE program and can guide you through the qualification process. Reach out to them via phone or visit their office during working hours.

Contacting Ward Councillor:

Another option is reaching out directly to your ward councillor who represents your specific geographic area within the municipality. They should be able to provide guidance on whether or not you meet the requirements for FBE and assist with any necessary documentation.

Contact Community Development Worker:

Community Development Workers play an important role in assisting individuals with accessing government services, including programs like FBE. They work closely with communities at grassroots level, and they often have knowledge of available resources such as free basic electricity. To inquire about qualifying for FBE, you can contact a community development worker assigned to your area. Their contact information can be obtained from the Municipalities of South Africa website.

Remember that each method mentioned above aims at helping indigent households access this benefit; therefore, it’s essential only those genuinely needing assistance apply so that limited resources reach those most deserving.

How to Claim FBE Vouchers

To claim your Free Basic Electricity (FBE) vouchers, there are two methods you can use – visiting the nearest vendor or using USSD codes on your cell phone. Let’s explore each option in detail:

Visiting Nearest Vendor:

  1. Once you have been advised by your respective municipality that you qualify for FBE, locate the nearest Eskom vending outlet.
  2. Take along any necessary documentation or identification as required by the vendor and be prepared to provide proof of eligibility if requested.
  3. At the vending outlet, inform them that you would like to collect your monthly FBE voucher.
  4. The staff will assist in generating and providing a voucher with an allocated amount of free electricity units based on your qualification.

Using USSD Codes:

  1. If you prefer a more convenient method, especially during these digital times, consider using USSD codes from anywhere at no charge* through your cell phone.
  2. For first-time users who haven’t configured their details before dial *130*869# on their mobile device keypad and press call/send button.
  3. If already configured customers want to claim their benefit again this month they should dial *130*269#.

Please note that when using USSD codes:

  • Make sure there is sufficient airtime balance available on prepaid devices since some network providers may deduct minimal charges for initiating sessions via these shortcodes.*
  • Follow instructions provided after entering either code mentioned above carefully.

By utilizing one of these options – visiting a nearby vendor or leveraging USSD technology – eligible households can easily access their monthly allocation of free electricity units under the government’s Free Basic Electricity program.

Note: Please consult local guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety protocols while visiting vendors’ outlets.

How to Register for Online Access to Your Electricity Account

In today’s digital age, managing your electricity account online can provide convenience and accessibility. Eskom, a South African electricity company, offers an easy registration process that allows customers to access their accounts online. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Having Your Most Recent Bill Ready:

Before starting the registration process, make sure you have your most recent bill available as you will need certain information from it for validation purposes.

2. Clicking on the “Register” Button:

Visit Eskom’s website and navigate to the customer portal or login page. Look for the “Register” button and click on it.

3. Providing Personal Details and Account Information:

Once redirected to the registration page, fill in all required personal details such as your name, contact number, email address, and physical address. Make sure these details match those provided during sign-up with Eskom previously if applicable. Additionally, you may be asked specific questions related to your account, such as meter numbers or previous billing amounts. This is done for security and verification purposes, to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to your account information.

4. Validating the Provided Details:

After providing all necessary information, Eskom may validate it against their database for safety reasons. If there is any discrepancy in the data provided, the registration process may not be processed successfully. In such cases, it is recommended to review the provided details carefully and correct any errors before attempting to register again.

5. Choosing a Password:

To ensure secure access to your online electricity account, you will need to create a password during the registration process. It is important to pick a strong password that includes alphanumeric characters and special symbols. Avoid using obvious choices like birthdays or names of loved ones. There may be additional requirements regarding password length or mix of types of characters, so follow the specified guidelines.

6. Completing the Registration Process:

Once you have provided all the necessary information and chosen a password, review your details to ensure accuracy. Then click on the “Submit” or “Register” button to complete the registration process. If there are no errors or discrepancies in your submission, you will receive confirmation that your online access has been successfully registered.

By following these simple steps, you can easily register for online access to your electricity account with Eskom. This will enable you to conveniently manage your account online and access important information regarding your usage, billing, and more. Enjoy the flexibility of monitoring and controlling your spending from anywhere at any time!

Important Information about FBE

FBE Limit and Municipality Variations

The Free Basic Electricity (FBE) program provides qualifying households with a certain amount of free electricity per month. The maximum amount of FBE varies depending on the municipality in which you reside, but it typically ranges between 50kWh and 60kWh. It’s important to note that this limit is set by your local government.

Prepaid Electricity Meters and FBE Vouchers

If you have a prepaid electricity meter, you can use the FBE vouchers to access your free allocation each month. However, please keep in mind that these meters only accept one voucher per month for the allocated amount of free electricity. Once this allocation is used up, any additional usage will be charged at regular rates.

For those without prepaid meters who receive monthly bills from their utility provider, the allocated amount of free basic electricity (either 50kWh or 60 kWh) will be deducted from their bill at the end of each billing cycle.

Additional Electricity Usage and Billing

It’s essential to understand that once your allotted quantity under the FEB program has been consumed or if you require more than what is provided through this initiative during a particular period; standard charges for additional consumption apply as determined by Eskom or your respective municipality.

To avoid unexpected costs due to exceeding your allowance under the Free Basic Electricity program, it may be helpful to monitor how much energy you are using throughout each billing cycle carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How much free electricity can I get with FBE?

The amount of free electricity you can receive through the Free Basic Electricity (FBE) program varies depending on your municipality. Generally, qualifying households are allocated between 50kWh and 60kWh per month. This allocation is considered enough to cover basic lighting, media access, ironing, and boiling water using an electric kettle.

Question 2: How do I know if I qualify for FBE?

To determine if you qualify for the Free Basic Electricity (FBE) program, you need to contact your local municipal office or ward councillor. They will provide information about the eligibility criteria and guide you through the application process. You may also reach out to a Community Development Worker in your area who can assist with assessing whether or not you meet the requirements.

Question 3: Can I claim FBE vouchers online?

No specific information was provided regarding claiming Free Basic Electricity (FEB) vouchers online in our sources; however it’s recommended that customers visit their nearest vendor personally to collect their monthly FEB voucher(s). Alternatively already configured customers have options available such as USSD codes *130*869# or *130*269#, which allow them to claim benefits via cell phone at no charge.
It’s important though that individuals check directly with Eskom or relevant municipalities for any updates on alternative methods of claiming these vouchers electronically.

Question 4: Can I use FBE vouchers with a prepaid electricity meter?

Yes, you can use Free Basic Electricity (FBE) vouchers even when having a prepaid electricity meter. The prepaid meters accept one FBE voucher per month. The vouchers are only valid for one month. After consuming the allotted amount of free electricity, you would be required to load extra electricity at regular rates.

Question 5: What happens if I exceed the FBE limit?

If you exceed the Free Basic Electricity (FBE) limit, any additional electricity usage will be charged at regular rates. The FBE allocation is meant to cover basic needs and ensure access to essential services for qualifying households. It’s important to manage your energy consumption within the allocated amount in order to avoid unexpected charges.

Question 6: Can I transfer my FBE vouchers to someone else?

No specific information was provided regarding transferring Free Basic Electricity (FEB) vouchers; however it’s recommended that individuals check directly with Eskom or relevant municipalities for their policies on voucher transfers as they may vary depending on local regulations and guidelines.


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