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How To Reverse Payment On Absa App?

Quick Summary

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on how to reverse a payment on the Absa app. It covers the step-by-step process, important considerations, and frequently asked questions to help users rectify accidental or fraudulent transactions quickly and efficiently.


Welcome to Answerly, your go-to source for answers to common questions. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to reverse a payment on the Absa app. Accidental or fraudulent transactions can happen, and it’s important to know how to rectify them quickly and efficiently.

The Absa app provides a convenient way for customers to manage their accounts online. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can easily navigate through various features of the app including reversing payments.

In the following sections, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reverse a payment using the Absa app. We’ll also cover some important considerations such as time limitations and restrictions that may apply when reversing payments.

So let’s dive in and learn how you can take control of your finances by reversing payments with ease using the Absa app!

Why is it important to know how to reverse a payment on the Absa app?

Knowing how to reverse a payment on the Absa app can be crucial in rectifying any accidental or fraudulent transactions quickly. It provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that they have control over their finances and can easily correct any errors made during online banking.

Avoiding Financial Losses:

Accidental payments happen more often than we think. Whether it’s sending money to the wrong recipient or entering an incorrect amount, these mistakes can result in financial losses if not addressed promptly. By understanding how to reverse a payment on the Absa app, you can take immediate action and retrieve your funds before it’s too late.

Protection Against Fraudulent Transactions:

In today’s digital age, fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to exploit unsuspecting individuals through unauthorized transactions. Being aware of how to reverse payments ensures that you have an additional layer of protection against such incidents. If you notice any suspicious activity within your account statements or suspect fraudulent behavior, reversing those payments swiftly will help safeguard your hard-earned money.

Maintaining Accurate Records:

Keeping accurate records is essential for personal finance management and budgeting purposes. In case there are discrepancies between what was intended versus what actually transpired during a transaction, being able to initiate reversals helps maintain clean financial records without unnecessary complications down the line.

Step-by-step guide to reversing a payment on the Absa app

Step 1: Log in to the Absa app

To begin, open the Absa mobile banking app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter your login credentials (username and password) to access your account.

Step 2: Tap on “Menu”

Once you have successfully logged in, locate and tap on the “Menu” button. This is usually represented by three horizontal lines or dots arranged vertically.

Step 3: Select “Debit orders”

From the menu options that appear, find and select “Debit orders.” This will take you to a screen where you can manage all debit order transactions associated with your accounts.

Step 4: Choose the account used for the payment

On this page, choose/select from which of your linked accounts was used for making payments via debit order. You may have multiple accounts listed here if applicable.

Step 5: Tap on specific debit order transaction to be reversed

Scroll through until you find the specific debit order transaction that needs reversal. Once located, tap/click it so that its details are displayed.


  • If there are no recent debits shown under this section but an unauthorized/unwanted deduction has occurred recently then please contact customer support immediately.
  • Debits older than forty days cannot be reversed using only online methods; instead email debitorder@absa.co.za or visit any nearest branch location for assistance.

Step 6: View Transaction Details & Tap On Reverse Payment

After tapping/clicking on the desired transaction, you will be able to view the details associated with it. These details may include information about the payment recipient, date of payment, and amount transferred. Tap on the link/button that reads “Reverse Payment.”

Step 7: Select A Reason For The Reversal

Upon selecting the reverse payment option, a new window/screen will pop up asking you for the reason behind the reversal. Choose an appropriate option from the given list of reasons.

Step 8: Accept the acknowledgement and tap on “Reverse payment”

After selecting a reason for reversal, you will be presented with an acknowledgment or confirmation screen. Read through the information provided carefully to ensure accuracy. If everything is correct, accept the terms by tapping/clicking on the “Accept” or “Agree” button. Finally, tap on the button that reads, “Reverse payment.”

Step 9: Accept The Verification Request

Once you have tapped on the reverse payment button, a verification request may appear. This is done for security purposes and to ensure that there are no unauthorized transactions taking place. Confirm your identity by providing any additional information requested, such as OTP (one-time password) received via SMS. Accept/confirm this verification request to complete the transaction reversal process.

Step 10: Payment Successfully Reversed

Congratulations! You have successfully reversed a payment using the Absa app. The debit order transaction has been canceled, and any funds deducted from your account will be returned accordingly. You should receive notification of this reversal via SMS or email shortly after completing these steps. Remember to log out of your Absa app session once you have finished banking activities.

Important considerations when reversing a payment on the Absa app

Time limitations for reversing payments:

When it comes to reversing a payment on the Absa app, there are certain time limitations that you need to be aware of. It is important to initiate the reversal process as soon as possible after realizing an incorrect or unauthorized transaction. However, please note that debit orders older than 40 days cannot be reversed using the app.

Restrictions on types of payments that can be reversed:

While many types of transactions can be reversed through the Absa app, there may be some restrictions depending on specific circumstances. For example, if you have made a payment from your account directly into another person’s bank account (EFT), it might not always qualify for immediate reversal through the app. In such cases where reversals are not available online, customers should contact their nearest branch or email debitorder@absa.co.za for assistance.

Fees or charges associated with payment reversals:

It is essential to consider any fees or charges associated with initiating a payment reversal through the Absa app. While smaller amounts typically do not incur additional costs beyond standard banking fees and service charges, larger sums may attract extra expenses which will vary based upon individual accounts and agreements in place between clients and ABSA Bank South Africa.

Debit orders older than 40 days cannot be reversed via App:

As mentioned earlier regarding time limitations; Debit Orders initiated more than forty (40) calendar days ago unfortunately won’t allow users access within this application interface itself – requiring alternative methods like contacting customer support representatives at branches nationwide who’ll assist accordingly by providing necessary guidance throughout the entire procedure involved during these particular instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I reverse a payment on the Absa app for any amount?

    No, there is a limit to the amount that can be reversed using the Absa app. Currently, the online reversal limit is set at R500. If you need to reverse a payment exceeding this limit, you will have to contact Absa directly via email at debitorder@absa.co.za or visit your nearest branch.

  • What should I do if the payment I want to reverse exceeds the online reversal limit?

    If you wish to reverse a payment that exceeds the online reversal limit of R500, it’s recommended that you reach out directly to Absa through their dedicated email address – debitorder@absa.co.za or by visiting your nearest branch. They will assist in processing your request and provide guidance based on specific circumstances.

  • How long does it take for a payment to be reversed on the Absa app?

    The time it takes for a payment to be reversed on the Absa app may vary. Generally, the reversal process is completed within a few business days. However, it’s important to note that some factors, such as the recipient’s bank processing time, may affect the overall duration of the reversal.


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