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Learn how to send airtime on Telkom Mobile with these simple steps: dial *180#, select option 3 to Transfer Airtime, choose the amount and enter the recipient’s Telkom Mobile number, confirm the transaction, and receive a confirmation message. Additionally, find out alternative methods to send airtime, such as using banking apps or purchasing Telkom Mobile credit vouchers. If you’re in Kenya, discover how to buy Telkom airtime using MPesa and the precautions to take.


Sending airtime to friends and family on Telkom Mobile is a convenient way to help them stay connected. Whether you want to top up their credit for calls, SMS messages, or data bundles, Telkom provides easy methods for transferring airtime within its network. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of sending airtime on Telkom Mobile as well as explore alternative methods such as using MPesa in Kenya. We’ll also provide some precautions to ensure a smooth transaction process.

So let’s dive into how you can send airtime on Telkom Mobile!

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How to Send Airtime on Telkom Mobile

Sending airtime to friends and family on the Telkom network is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *180# on your Telkom Mobile phone.

    This will bring up a menu with various options.

  2. Select option 3 for Transfer Airtime.

    By choosing this option, you indicate that you want to send airtime to someone else.

  3. Choose the amount of airtime you want to transfer.

    You will be presented with different amounts in Rand value, such as R10, R20, or R50.

  4. Enter the recipient’s Telkom Mobile cellphone number.

    Make sure you enter their number correctly so that they receive the transferred credit.

  5. Confirm the transaction.

    Double-check all details before confirming your selection by following any prompts provided.

  6. Receive a message confirming the successful transfer of airtime.

    Once confirmed, the sender receives an SMS notification indicating that their requested amount has been successfully sent.

  7. The recipient can now use it for calls, SMS, or data bundles.

    The receiver can immediately start using their new balance for making phone calls, sending text messages (SMS), or converting it into data bundles if needed.

By following these straightforward instructions, you’ll be able to share airtime with loved ones on the Telkom mobile network in no time!

Alternative Methods to Send Airtime on Telkom

Telkom Mobile provides various options for sending airtime, apart from the traditional method of transferring it directly from one mobile phone to another. Here are some alternative methods you can use:

1. Transfer airtime via your banking app:

Many South African banks offer the convenience of transferring airtime through their mobile banking apps. Simply download and install your bank’s app on your smartphone, log in with your credentials, and navigate to the “Airtime” or “Buy Services” section. From there, select Telkom as the network provider and enter the recipient’s cellphone number along with the desired amount of airtime.

2. Purchase a Telkom Mobile credit voucher:

Another way to send airtime is by purchasing a physical Telkom Mobile credit voucher. These vouchers are available at various retail stores and can be purchased using cash or card. Once you have the voucher, you can send the pin or transfer the airtime directly from the pay point to the recipient’s Telkom Mobile number.

How to Buy Telkom Airtime using MPesa (Kenya)

To buy Telkom airtime using MPesa in Kenya, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the MPesa menu on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the “Pay Bill” option from the available options.
  3. Enter the business number for Telkom, which is 220220.
  4. Next, you will need to enter your unique Telkom account number in a specific format – TELKXXXXXX. Here, XXXXXX represents your actual Telkom mobile number without any spaces or hyphens.

For example:
If your telcom mobile number is 0712345678,
Your account Number should be entered as ‘TELK712345678’.

  1. Enter the amount of airtime that you want to purchase and add it accordingly by following instructions provided during this step.
  2. Finally, you’ll have to provide security details by entering your personal Mpesa PIN when prompted.
  3. Review all transaction details carefully before clicking on the “Send” button. This ensures accuracy and avoids any mistakes while completing transactions.

By following these easy steps, you can conveniently purchase Telkom airtime through MPesa in Kenya to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues at all times.

Precautions when Buying Telkom Airtime with MPesa

When buying Telkom airtime using MPesa, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Here are some key steps you should follow:

1. Verify the recipient’s mobile number:

Before initiating the purchase of Telkom airtime through MPesa, double-check that you have entered the correct mobile number of the person who will be receiving the airtime. This helps prevent any accidental transfers or sending credit to an unintended recipient.

2. Enter the correct airtime value:

When entering the amount of Telkom airtime you want to buy on your MPesa menu, make sure that you inputted the accurate value in Rand (ZAR). Take note of any decimal points or additional charges if applicable so that there are no discrepancies between what was intended and what gets transferred.

3. Safeguard your MPesa PIN:

Ensure that you keep your MPesa PIN confidential and do not share it with anyone. This PIN is required to authorize the transaction and protect your account from unauthorized access.

4. Review the confirmation message:

Before completing the transaction, carefully review the details provided in the confirmation message. Verify the recipient’s mobile number, the amount of airtime being transferred, and any associated charges. This step helps to ensure that the transaction is accurate and as intended.

By following these precautions, you can have peace of mind when buying Telkom airtime using MPesa, knowing that your transaction is secure and error-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send airtime from Telkom to other networks?

No, currently you can only transfer airtime between Telkom Mobile subscribers. The option to send airtime to other networks is not available.

Is there a limit to the amount of airtime I can transfer?

Yes, there are limits on the amount of airtime that you can transfer. These limits may vary depending on your specific Telkom Mobile plan and account status. It’s best to check with Telkom customer service or refer to their website for more information about these limitations.

Can I transfer airtime to someone who is not a Telkom subscriber?

No, at this time you can only send or share your unused prepaid mobile credit with another person who has a valid active subscription with Telkom Mobile in South Africa.

Can I transfer airtime using the


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